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Is Your Nursery Business Struggling to Flourish?

Do you wake up every morning worrying about the future of your nursery? Are you struggling with staff management, motivation, or even financial stability? Or perhaps you’re doing reasonably well but know that there are critical areas that require improvement, such as preparing for the next Ofsted inspection.

If any of this resonates with you, we’ve been there and overcome the very same challenges. Now, we’re here to guide you through them.

Who We Are?

Andrew and Folake, (and team) are the faithful stewards behind WMB Childcare, a multi-million pound nursery business that they were privileged to build from scratch. In their owen words, here is what they said,

Twenty (20) years ago, we started small—a modest childminding setup from a house in Gorton Manchester — and with an initial investment of just £5,000, we moved by faith and started WMB Childcare, latching on to the opportunities that we saw at that time in 2013. Today, we operate a group of thriving nurseries across Manchester and Greater Manchester, serving hundreds of families. We’ve mastered the art of leveraging opportunities, navigating challenges, and fine-tuning operations—all without resorting to loans or heavy borrowing but maximising open doors.

Who We're on a Mission to Help:

Why Consult with Us?

The secret to a successful nursery business isn’t always about reinventing the wheel; sometimes, it’s about the right tweaks and adjustments. With our extensive background, we can help you identify those precise changes that can turn your business around. We are not just experts; we are living proof that it’s possible to transform struggles into success stories. Let us help you rewrite your story today.

Personalised Services & Approach

Every nursery is unique, and we’re here to listen-be it to you, your staff, or the parents and children who form the backbone of your business. We dig deep into the root causes and offer actionable, tailored solutions.

Our Services Include:

Meet The Experts

We’re not just a team; we’re a family of experts passionately committed to leaving a lasting positive impact on the children and families we serve. Our diverse skills and backgrounds contribute to a holistic approach, ensuring every aspect of our operation—from education and care to technology and operational excellence—is covered. Whether you’re struggling with organizational inefficiency, low staff morale, or
challenges in adapting to market changes, our team has the expertise to guide you. We don’t just offer services; we offer a lifeline.

WMB Childcare CEO - Olusola Andrew Omole - best childcare nursery in manchester

Andrew Omole - Business Training

Andrew is not just the CEO of WMB Childcare; he is its visionary. A certified Zig Ziglar Legacy Trainer (ZZLT), armed with an MSc in Leadership and Business Management and extensive hands-on childcare experience, Andrew embodies a rare blend of strategic business acumen and compassionate caregiving. He's not just an executive; he's a mentor, a life coach, and a friend to the children and staff. His leadership is underpinned by his steadfast belief in individual potential and holistic child care—social, spiritual, physical, and emotional.

WMB Childcare Team Member Claudia Adamanche - best childcare nursery in manchester

Claudia Adamache - Team Member

Claudia is a seasoned professional with over 19 years of experience in childcare and special education. Holding multiple qualifications including a Level 6 in Childcare and a Level 3 in Team Leading & Supervision, Claudia specializes in creating inclusive environments for children with special educational needs. Her partnerships with agencies like Rodney House, SALT teams, and CAMHS exemplify her holistic approach to childcare. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality and compliance across all WMB settings

WMB Childcare Director of Operations - Omole Folake

Folake Omole - Team Member

Folake is more than a seasoned childcare professional; she's a powerhouse of passion and dedication. Her expertise is vouched for by multiple ‘exceptional’ Ofsted ratings and her experience as an Ofsted Inspector. She excels at fostering a nurturing atmosphere where children and staff can thrive. With her hands-on approach, she ensures that the high standards she sets translate to excellent outcomes for children.

Muhammad Sami

Sami Tariq - Web Developer & Marketing Guru

Muhammad Sami Tariq, a highly skilled web developer with over four (4) years of experience, now works at WMB Childcare. He excels in crafting dynamic websites, specializing in WordPress and Shopify. Sami's strength lies in translating client needs into innovative web solutions with clean code and responsive design. His academic background includes a Master's in Cyber Security and a Bachelor's in Information Technology. His dedication to excellence now benefits WMB Childcare as he embarks on this new professional journey.

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