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Chris Drummond-Welsh

Meet Christopher Drummond-Welsh, an enthusiastic and dedicated individual with a zeal for nurturing young minds in the world of childcare. At the age of 24, Christopher holds a Level 3 qualification in childcare and is actively pursuing a BA honors in early childhood.

Christopher’s passion for early years runs deep, and it’s no wonder why. Growing up in a large family, he was constantly surrounded by children, where everyone pitched in and mucked in together. These cherished memories and experiences ignited a profound sense of fulfillment and
purpose in Christopher’s heart, shaping his commitment to supporting children during their most crucial years.


Nursery Coach | BA (Hons)

With an impressive six years of experience in the field, Christopher has gained a profound understanding of child development. But it’s not just expertise that drives this aspiring deputy coach; it’s an unwavering passion. For Christopher, watching children achieve their milestones is the best feeling in the world. Their eyes light up with wonder, and it’s as if they’re embarking on a magical journey of growth and exploration.

Christopher’s dedication to his role as a deputy coach extends beyond the nursery walls. It aligns seamlessly with WMB’s mission of laying a solid foundation in the crucial early years of a child’s life. This harmony of purpose resonates deeply with Christopher’s personal views on supporting children in their formative and transformative years.

With an innate ability to connect with children and a heart full of warmth and compassion, Christopher Drummond-Welsh is set to make a significant impact on the young learners and the cherished community of WMB. The future is bright, and the children are in capable, caring hands.

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