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Laying Solid Early Year
Foundation For Your Child
C. A. R. E - C - Credibility A - Accountability
R - Relationship E – Excitement & Exemplary Leadership
C. A. R. E - C - Credibility A - Accountability
R - Relationship E – Excitement & Exemplary Leadership


Hillcity Day Nursery

Hillcity Day Nursery is situated in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester. It serves the local Cheetham Hill community and surrounding locality. The centre is one of four settings managed by WMB Childcare Ltd.

At Hillcity Day Nursery, our aim is to skilfully and wisely craft a solid early years foundation for your child by providing them a caring, nurturing, stimulating and example-led environment thereby enhancing their moral, physical, social and spiritual values making them exemplary leaders of tomorrow

The site is located just off the popular Cheetham Hill Road and adjacent to the Bignor Street Park and is in close proximity to Manchester City Centre. Hillcity Day Nursery is registered under the Manchester Local Authority. It operates from a single-storey purpose-built building in the M8 area of Manchester, off Cheetham Hill Road and about 5 minutes’ drive to Manchester City Centre. The nursery serves the Cheetham Hill local community and surrounding areas and is accessible by all children from 0 – 11years.

It has an enclosed garden for outdoor play and learning. We also have four main rooms with an entrance hall for parents. The setting is registered on Early Years Register / Compulsory Childcare Register / Voluntary Childcare Register. Members of staff are qualified to a level 6, 3 and 2 in childcare. Members of staff are also qualified with BA Honours Degree and qualified EYPS. The setting opens Monday to Friday, from 7:30 to 6pm, all year round except bank holidays. Children attend for a variety of sessions.
The setting provides funded early education for two, three and four-year-old children. The premises currently operates at full capacity. The setting support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities/ behavioural needs/ and CIN. All our staff are highly trained in all areas and offer outstanding care to all children regardless of their needs.


Our building is purpose built and boast of outstanding facilities to ensure the safety of all children .We currently have CCTV in all of our rooms as well as around the building inside and out. The nursery is surrounded by high steel fencing and the security system for allowing access into the building is two staged.

The setting provides care and learning for children from different cultural background and some of the children speak English as additional language and have really improved. Children speak Polish, Yoruba, Shona, French, etc. Staff and student are also from mixed cultural background which also makes parents feel comfortable. The cultural diversity makes the setting unique as we celebrate who we are.
We aim to provide a solid foundation for the children and this is shared with staff and parents from on-set. We always have an open door policy so parents can come for advice and help at any point we are always on hand to help with all our knowledge and professionalism.

We also welcome our parents in to the setting for stay and play settings throughout the year. We make every effort to involve parents with every aspect of their child’s development which is why we hold parent events throughout the year such as parents evening, fun days and showcase days.


Baby room

Our baby room holds up to six children. It is a very calm and relaxing space for babies to feel loved and cared for. During this important phase, babies are exploring the world with all their senses and their whole bodies and so the activities and experiences we plan with our babies support and encourage children’s strong exploratory impulses.

The most fundamental part of our role with babies is to make sure that this picture develops into a positive sense of identity. We do this by treating each child respectfully and as a unique individual. Tuning into the things that interest them and providing rich experiences which encourage development across all areas.


We have two toddler rooms which are split in to two groups. Toddler 1 is for those children who have just turned two and are adapting to nursery life. Our older two year olds are in the Toddler 2 room which is where the staff prepare them for the pre-school rom and help them with their toilet training.

Toddlers are very busy children especially with their language development, new found pretend play, independence, developing control over their own bodies, learning to be together, emotional highs and lows and repeated patterns of play just a few of the things that occupy our day!

The play experiences we plan for toddlers have children’s social relationships as a central focus to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. We make sure children have lots of opportunities to join in and help them to understand that there are rules for being together with others, always encouraging tolerance and modelling positive ways of treating others.

All the staff bring years of knowledge and experience working with this age range. They understand that parents might need support or just a friendly chat about the latest development or challenge in their toddler’s life. By encouraging open and honest communication, practitioners and parents can work together, enabling us to provide the very best care for your toddler.

Pre -School

Our Pre-school room is for 24 children is it set up with lots of facilities for the children to explore. We always challenge the children through their individual abilities. Pre-school children have a skilled approach to play and exploration. Their role play and social interactions, as fascinating as they are to watch, are important in helping them understand the world and how they belong in it. We are constantly supporting children through their enquiries and investigations.

Our team of skilled practitioners will allow children to dictate the pace and focus of activities that interest them whilst providing the support needed to let them test their ideas, theories and understanding.

The skill of the adult when caring for this age range of children is to understand that adults do not have all the answers! Children can happily construct their own understanding of the world – one which is exciting and relevant and interests them enough to explore further.

Our Services

Hillcity Day Nursery provides a number of services. We try our very best to accommodate our clients flexibly where we can and our sessions can be tailor maid to your family needs. Our care begins at 7.30 and ends at 6.00pm but where a demand is needed we will expand our hours. Our nursery is situated a short walk away from a variety of primary schools which is why we are able to offer before and after school clubs, as well as holiday clubs.

At present we are picking children up form the following schools:

• St Chad. Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 8GG
• Temple School Smedley Ln, Cheetham, Manchester, Lancashire M8 8SA
• Marlborough Road Academy. Marlborough Road Dudley Street Salford M7 4XD

The morning club begins at 7.30 then your child will be taken to school by our staff. All children will be offered breakfast which will be a selection of toast, serials and fruit.

The evening club will begin from when your child is collected at school until 6.00pm. The children will be offered a light snack and drinks. These sessions will be fun and educational for all children and we will plan their activities through interests and discussions.

Hillcity Day Nursery

Tamerton Drive
M8 0DH Manchester

0161 705 0851

Fnalist Nursery World Awards 2016
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WMB's Testimonials

  • Our son has cerebral palsy and we were not sure whether he would be accepted in any nursery. However, when we approached Wise Masterbuilders Childcare Ltd at Carisbrook Day Nursery they took him on with open arms. Two months on our son has improved leaps and bounds.

    Jerome Phikiso Dad
  • Both my children attend holiday club at Carisbrook Nursery. Both Jacob and Ruben love coming to nursery and love the staff, especially Paris and Leanne. The staff are polite, kind and caring towards my children and treat them equally although I work at the nursery. All staff also ensure Rubens health needs are met

    Claire Flannagan (mum)
  • I must say it has been a pleasure having him in Carisbrook Nursery, nursery has brought him on so much, manners, speaking, colours. Thank you to all the staff Especially Claire for looking after my son Stephen.

    C Mcdermott (mum)
  • Since Holly has been coming to Carisbrook she has developed a lot of skills, she loves singing and she is also sharing with others a lot, and she loves all the staff.

    Hollys Mum
  • Tyler settled in well , staff are very nice and the nursery is clean and tidy.

    Tyler Hegarty
  • I like Carisbrook Day Nursery because all the staff are friendly and very helpful, I noticed they were taking good care of the children.

    Adegbami (dad)
  • Carisbrook Day Nursery is a good nursery because all the staff are helpful and great with the children, it’s a great atmosphere for the children to play and learn in at the same time, they look after the children well.

    Louise Partington (mum)
  • Carisbrook Day Nursery is a place where my daughter Priscillia feels safe. I could see a great change in her, and she loves coming to nursery every day.

    Priscillias mum
  • Millie loves coming to nursery and always come home full of joy, the nursery has helped Miliie’s speech improve, and she associates with other children.

    Shannon Gray (mum)
  • Shannon Gray (mum)

    Amy’s mum
  • My son has come far with his speech and other skills since being in the nursery.

    Harrison’s mum
  • My son Derice and I feel really welcome at the nursery. Everybody is really friendly and warm , Derice is always asking can he come to nursery every day.

    Derice’s mum
  • The nursery is clean and organised, our son has greatly improved in most areas of life, like attitude, speech etc..

    Simon’s dad
  • My daughter and I find this nursery warm and welcoming, she always comes back home happy and I see that all her needs are met. Overall I would say that this is a nursery for every mum to really consider.

    Divinia’s mum
  • My children have been coming to Carisbrook Nursery for two years now, all I can say is that the warmth of the staff and the working culture here is fantastic and I recommend it to every family

    Tony and Elana’s dad
  • I am rest assured that my child is in safe hands.

    Paris’s mum
  • Tolu has improved in talking and some other things, nursery is good for him. Tolus mum

  • My son is a very lively and happy little boy since he started Carisbrook Nursery. He has become more confident and seems a much happier little boy, he’s improved on his speech, numbers and has become polite and cant get wait to get to nursery in the mornings.

  • Seems more sociable, made friends very fast, seem’s more confident.

    Luke’s mum
  • She loves nursery can’t wait to go, has made loads of friends, staff are friendly, she’s more confident.

    Millie’s mum
  • My little boy loves nursery, he smiles every time we come in the door, my daughter also loves after school club and gets excited on route from school to nursery, staff are very good.

    Tina (mum)
  • Nice place for kids to play in and staff are all nice and good with the kids, my kids are well looked after by staff members “Love you all”.

    Nathaniel and Sebastian’s dad
  • This is a good nursery, my little boy absolutely loves it here, every day he would ask if he can go to nursery. Staff are friendly, helpful and really understand each and every child’s needs. So thank you to everyone at Carisbrook Nursery.

    Sirra Njie (mum)
  • Very good and friendly for every kid, Carisbrook Nursery is the best nursery.

    Lucas’s dad
  • I was used to a previous nursery and did not know if Winstanley was going to live up to my expectations. I gave them a chance by giving them my two boys and so far I am very happy with everything, I can see improvements in my kids Well done keep it up

    Shiloh and Divine-Wisdoms Mummy
  • My son has recently joined the nursery and we are more than happy with his progress so far. The staff are all friendly and really helpful, I am even considering bringing my daughter here as well, Well done!

    Jamahl’s Mum
  • My son has recently joined the nursery as well. He is very happy I could see that as his development, we can see the difference in him, he is much more confident and active. As well his speech has improved. My son settled well in the nursery. I am very happy

    Juniors mum
  • Cerys joined a little after I started she has made more progress in her speech and confidence, she enjoys being with all of the staff and children, She also has a good bond with her key worker Danielle and never stops talking about her at home, I am very pleased with the work everyone has done with her. Well done.

    Diana Zengeni (Cerys’s Mother)
  • The staff are very friendly, always happy to answer any questions and have a smile on their faces. I would highly recommend Winstanley Nursery to any parents looking for a bright spacious and lovely environment. Great service, Thank you all

    Suher, Basel and Ella
  • Nursery has been fantastic for Hollie. She has come on fantastic and I would like to thank all the staff. I would recommend this nursery to anyone, its great! Hollie is always so happy when we pick her up. She absolutely loves nursery!

  • Both me and Shae’s dad are so happy with how Shae has come on since starting here and we would like to thank them all fir all their hard work. Not only are the staff great with our boy, they have been great with us as parents too! Shae loves it here and we can tell by his excitement every morning! Thank you

    Shae’s Mummy
  • I am extremely happy overall with the nursery. Reuben has ‘come on’ brilliantly ever since he started this nursery. Staff are brilliant, friendly and very professional, and above all Reuben is happy!! Much Appreciation

    Reuben’s Mummy
  • I am extremely happy with the nursery. The staff are brilliant, friendly and happy all the time! Madison is very happy to be here.

    Madisons Mum
  • I have been delighted with the care Hillcity nursery has given my son. They’ve consistently gone above and beyond to ensure his experiences at nursery are happy, engaging and rewarding. I’d wholeheartedly recommend the nursery!”

    Finlay’s family
  • My child has a very good relationship with many of the staff. She has an excellent key worker and always enjoys sessions with you.

    Hollies family
  • Really friendly and easy to talk to people. Both my children have been very happy there. They have done a fantastic job in our children's development. I would without doubt recommend Hillcity nursery

    Mohamads family
  • I am very happy with the way my child is looked after. Always smiles on arrival and never want to come home. Lots of happy and smiling staff each day

    Meshams family
  • My son is very happy in the baby room he has developed great bonds with the staff especially his key person. I like the way the staff communicate well with me and seeing all the wonderful things he does is great. I love his learning journal and the developmental updates I receive on a regular basis

    Jacobs family
  • I am really happy about the nursery. My child really likes it. The staff and services is really helpful. Thanks very much

    Wad's Dad
  • find the nursery a helping hand for my children and they are doing well. Well done

    Jotham's Mum’
  • is changed every time. My son has improved in eating and he will sometimes will use potty at home. Everything is ok

    Danielle's Mum
  • Robyn has settled very well into nursery and enjoys coming and doing different activities. I am very happy with the progress Robyn is making.

    Robyn’s Mum
  • Nohom is very happy here. He enjoys coming to nursery every day. Thanks.

  • Xander is very happy attending nursery. I feel that he is making good progress. He is excited to arrive at nursery to see all his friends and he has come on a lot regarding his development.

    Xander’s Mum

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