Leadership Expert Dave Anderson said,

‘If you have a dream, but no team, you’ve got to give up the dream or build the team’.

WMB Childcare Ltd is led by visionary leaders. Our Core Leadership team is made up of our CEO, Operations Director, Area Coach and Super Coach at different levels in the company. We believe our leadership and management team are integral to the success of the company, hence we value their opinion, recommendations and feedback on ways of improving the quality of care we provide.

We believe in building and empowering the people that God has sent our way by adding value to them and affording them the opportunity to BE and DO what they were born to do.

Andrew OmoleChief Executive Officer
Folake Omole
Folake OmoleDirector of Operations
WMB Executive Management Team
Claudia AdamancheNursery Coach (IMT)
Andrew OmoleChief Executive Officer

Our Chief Executive Officer, Andrew is in a class of His own with a unique blend of qualities that sets him apart from others. Andrew has strong passion and dedication to serve people irrespective of ethnicity, age, gender orientation or status further confirming his entrepreneurial qualities that propels his business forwards. He is not only familiar with all the staff names and positions across various sites of the company, but also familiar with almost all of the children’s names as well as having a personal rapport with their parents.

Andrew’s charismatic and magnetic character does not go unnoticed by the children. When he enters any of WMB Childcare facilities, you are guaranteed to see interruptions to the ongoing routine with children huddling around Andrew for a glimpse, a hug or simply sharing their stories or activities of the day with him. Such is the power and strength of unspoken deep interwoven fibers of love between Andrew and ‘his’ children (as he calls them) at all the Childcare sites.

Folake Omole
Folake OmoleDirector of Operations

Folake, our Director of Operations and is known for her happy personality as you will not miss a smile from her. Folake is passionate about reaching out to people and supporting them to achieve greatness.

She has excellent understanding of child development and passionate about quality service which has not gone unnoticed by OFSTED awarding the nursery she manages ‘OUTSTANDING’. A quote from the OFSTED report referred to her as ‘the inspirational manager exhibits high leadership qualities’… and went further affirms her provision as a ‘first-rate nursery’ with an ‘evidential and very strong sense of community’.  Her relentless pursuit of excellence has sustained quality childcare improvements of the highest quality.

Folake is no stranger to hardwork. At the advent of the business operations, the first 3 sites acquired by the company was supported by her through the OFSTED inspections that followed within the space of 5 months and all came out with enviable outcomes in all their first inspection. She has worked really hard to see the company become a household name with Manchester and Greater Manchester.

She works really hard to ensure that the children receive the best care and believes all children should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. She is hands-on and supports her staff through on daily basis in ensuring the delivery of high quality customer care experience for both children and parent/carer alike.

Folake is approachable and believes that great partnership between company & clients fosters love and promotes trust between parents and staff.  Folake’s heart desire is to reach out to more families, support them in building a solid early years foundation of their children and ensure that opportunities are given to children to develop no matter their current neighbourhood status.

Claudia Adamanche
Claudia AdamancheSuper Coach

Claudia is the Nursery Coach of WMB Born2win Day Nursery. She has a Level 6 qualification in Childcare and a Level 3 in Team Leader/Supervisor, being awarded with distinction.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and has undergone series of training to effectively support children with Special Educational Needs. She understands SEN values and priorities and has applied them to her practice on daily basis. She is also trained to support children with Autism.
Claudia has over 7 years’ experience in Childcare and another 5 years in Special Education Needs. She enjoys working in a nursery, helping the children’s development, and building positive relationships with her parents.

She has a passion in working with SEND children, completing her Welcome and SENCO training and working closely with Rodney House and other agencies such as SALT teams, CAMHS.

Claudia has proven that she is an asset to WMB Childcare hence her invitation to the Senior Management Team.

Our promise to you is that we will build the early years foundation of your child with C.A.R.E

Our C. A. R. E acronym stands for:

We are WHO we say we are and DO what we say we do.


We take responsibility for all of our actions toward the care of your children.


We work in partnership with all stakeholders e.g. parents, Council and regulatory Bodies.


We relish the privilege to serve and model.



WMB Executive Management Team

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