Liz ThomsonNursery Manager/ Area Coach

    Our Area Coach, Liz has been in childcare spanning two decades during which she has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to inspire and nurture young children to become future leaders. The incredible passion and desire within Liz to assist anyone shines through her core being. Her drive and exuberance for Early Years Education combined with her vast knowledge and focused expertise has provided opportunities for Liz to become one of the most elite practitioners in the North-West. Her determination and ambition has resulted in a highly coveted award for the ‘Nursery World Award Manager of the Year’ (Highly Recommended) in 2016 recognising Liz as one of the leading Managers in the UK.

    As a proactive Coach/Manager, Liz endeavours are directed at supporting and guiding the company staff are to achieve greatness, recognise their significance and reach full potential. Many of the staff that work closely with her aspire to reach her level of knowledge and exemplary leadership. Liz firmly believes that children have a higher probability of success in life, if they are given the opportunity of a quality early years education. Liz seamless integration with our local communities to assist families to support their children has helped us to provide continuous transitions from nursery to school.

    Liz works at all our settings to train staff and ensures our quality of teaching remains outstanding. Her work ethic is second to none and with an unwavering dedication and reliability Liz keeps the workforce on the path of improvement and success.

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