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    LIz Thomson

    Liz Thomson has been working in the childcare sector for over 18 years. Liz has worked in various settings and managed very successful and outstanding nurseries. Liz holds a BA Honours Degree in Social Policy. She has a Level 5 qualification in Childcare and is a Qualified Early Years Teacher.

    Through her career she has only had one vision in mind which is to provide a happy, safe and secure environments for children to play and develop. This is in line with the vision of WMB Childcare Ltd which is to provide a solid foundation for the children of any community which the company find herself. Liz has worked with many children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) which is an area she excels in.

    Making a difference to less fortunate children gives Liz the passion and drive to move her settings to the next level of outstanding care. Since joining the company Liz has shown herself as a loyal, diligent and committed member of the Senior Management Team and is now the Acting Area Manager of the group. Liz is a very caring and empathic person who has a great relationship with people regardless of their background. She is able to look at things from different point of view which ensures that her setting adapts flexibly to meet the individual need of the children in her setting. Since taken on the management helms at Hillcity Day Nursery, the nursery has grown to full capacity under her leadership and the staff team capability has been enhanced.

    Liz has aspirations to one day become a Specialist/Consultant in Early Years with a view to training staff and helping others to become the best practitioners they can be. At the moment she is enjoying learning even more skills and knowledge at WMB Childcare Ltd which will one day be passed on to others.

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