We can buy your nursery in the any location, condition and regardless of your OFSTED report.


Sell Your Nursery

Sell Your Nursery

Running a nursery can be hugely rewarding. But what happens when things aren’t working out?

Maybe circumstances beyond your control have affected your financial planning. Perhaps changes in the market mean a new approach is needed. It might be that you’re looking for a new challenge in a different sector, or simply want to take a well-deserved rest after years of hard work.

Whatever the reason, at WMB Childcare we understand that sometimes the best way forward is to pass your nursery to new owners.And if you want to know your business will be in safe hands, and that children and staff will remain the number one consideration, consider talking to us.

What we do

We’re committed to providing the highest standard of childcare and nursery education. Our aim is to lay a strong early years foundation for the children in our care,equipping them for success at school and in the community. Our passion for excellence has seen every one of our Ofsted inspections result in an assessment of “outstanding” or “good”.

We believe that all children deserve the best possible start to their education. That’s why we’re looking for opportunities to expand our services across Greater Manchester and beyond.

But we’re not just looking for buildings. As anyone who runs a nursery knows, exceptional childcare is about much more than bricks and mortar. Great nurseries are built on relationships: bonds of respect and trust between parents and carers, and the nursery staff to whose care they entrust their children.

We know that building those relationships takes time and effort. We understand how precious they are. That’s why we value and nurture the reputation of the nurseries we take on. And it’s why we invest in the training and support of our greatest asset: our staff.

Our track record of success speaks for itself. Carisbrook and Hillcity Day Nurseries had closed their doors for many months before we took them on. They’ve now been graded as “outstanding” by Ofsted, and we’re proud to be a trusted childcare provider for Manchester City Council.

If our values sound like your values, and you’re looking for someone to take on your nursery, get in touch

Our Criteria


Our team has decades of experience in childcare and we understand that every service is different.For that reason, we don’t have hard and fast rules about the nurseries we take on, and we won’t be deterred by Ofsted reports or occupancy rates that aren’t perfect.

Our experience has shown us, however, that the following factors are important in successfully transferring a nursery to our ownership.

Positive attitude to collaboration

Transferring ownership of a nursery can take time, and change can be challenging.

We want to make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible for both clients and staff. To do that, we’ll need your help. So if you’re ready to work together to secure your nursery’s future, we could be the right buyer for you.

A team you have confidence in

We want to protect and enhance the reputation you have built up with your community. To do that, it’s crucial to retain a trusted team of staff.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone has to be perfect: we pride ourselves on creating a culture of continuous improvement.

What we’re looking for is a teamthat’s committed to the community they serve. In return for that commitment, we’ll support and empower them to deliver the highest standards of childcare. And we’ll recognise and reward them for what they do.

A Sensible Handover


Our top priority is the children in our care. To ensure we’re able to continue providing them with a great service as we learn about your community and your business, we’ll want to agree a sensible handover period.

The exact length of time is something we’ll discuss with you. We won’t try to tie you into convoluted arrangements, and we’ll be clear about how we’ll use your time. The handover will be tailored to your specific circumstances, and we’ll respect your expertise as we work together.

Ready to sell

We understand that the decision to sell your business is a difficult one. We’ll talk to you about the process and work with you at every step along the way.

In return, you’ll be serious about selling to the right buyer. And you’ll be looking to make the sale in around six to twelve months’ time.

What we offer

We’re experts in running nurseries and we want to see the business you’ve built up go on to succeed. We bring:

  • an unparalleled understanding of how to provide excellent childcare, with a track record in running nurseries assessed by Ofsted as “outstanding” or “good”;
  • the appetite to take on a challenge – we won’t be deterred by Ofsted results, occupancy rates or profits that aren’t what you’d want them to be;
  • our full commitment to working with you – and your staff – to make the transfer a success;
  • sound financial backing – we’re ready and able to pay a fair price for your business.

We’re not brokers, and we’re not part of a chain. Our priority is providing first class nurseries for children, their families and carers.

Want to hear more?

If you’re thinking of selling your nursery, get in touch for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.

If you decide after our initial conversation that you want to take things further, we’ll arrange to visit you. We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement and we’ll ask that you do so too. And when that’s in place, we’ll discuss your business in more detail, and provide rigorous evidence of our financial credentials. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll seek an independent valuation to inform the offer we make to you.

We know how important discretion is to your business. We’ll treat all communication with you in the very strictest of confidence.

Our promise to you is that we will build the early years foundation of your child with C.A.R.E

Our C. A. R. E acronym stands for:

We are WHO we say we are and DO what we say we do.


We take responsibility for all of our actions toward the care of your children.


We work in partnership with all stakeholders e.g. parents, Council and regulatory Bodies.


We relish the privilege to serve and model.



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