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Joke Oyadairo

With over 12 years of rich experience in Early Years Education and Key Stage 1, Joke Oyadairo stands as a testament to dedication and passion in nurturing young minds. She is firmly rooted in the belief that the formative years of childhood are pivotal for development. Witnessing children surpass milestones is not just a moment of joy for her, but a driving force that propels her forward in her journey of lifelong learning in the field.

Throughout her illustrious career, Joke has donned several hats — from being a Room Leader to an Early Years Coordinator. Her roles have been diverse, but the underlying theme has always been her undying commitment to enriching early education. She has a keen interest in early interventions, mentoring, and business development within the educational sector.

Joke Oyadairo

Deputy Coach | MSc

Her passion shines through when it comes to crafting creative curricula, policy-making, and their subsequent implementation. She strives for relevance, connecting children’s learning experiences with real-world contexts. This she achieves through the guiding principles of WMB Core Values: credibility, accountability, relationship-building, and leadership.

Joke’s academic and professional prowess is evident in her myriad of qualifications. She boasts a Diploma in ECE from Finland, SEN Training, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies from the University of Huddersfield. Further, her certifications like Microsoft Certified Educator underline her holistic approach to education, blending traditional learning with modern tools.

A natural extrovert, Joke thrives in collaborative settings. She emphasizes the importance of fostering robust relationships within her team, nurturing a workspace that’s both positive and productive. Her dedication is inclusive, embracing children from various backgrounds and abilities, making her an invaluable asset not just to her organization but to all stakeholders involved.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Joke is an avid volunteer. She has dedicated countless hours to NGOs and orphanages and proudly represents the International Red Cross Society.

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